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Pink Sugar

About Us


Pink Blossom Alliance provides a safe environment  to motivate girls. We will equip them to positively handle the hardships that can derail their lives.  Strong built relationships can encourage young girls to follow the right path with pride and accomplishment.  Pink Blossom Alliance will help the girls promote their best effort and reinforce personal respect and self-awareness.

 We will promote social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, strengthen self-esteem, increase good decision making, prevent bullying, teen pregnancy, depression and suicide. 


Provide guidance, support and opportunities for vulnerable girls who are affected by appearance related social pressures.  The aim is to improve the girl’s mental health and well-being with caring, comprehensive, and innovative programs and services for individuals, their families, and their community circle.


To provide guidance and information to girls that will help them to become healthier productive members of our society. Encourage them to discover their talents and pursue their goals, while maintaining healthy lifestyles.  We also want to generate within these girls a feeling of inner respect and love for self, while learning to be self-empowered.        

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