"U Grow Girl" 

Self Esteem Group

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated"

The purpose of this group is to give a basic foundation to discover the underlying roots of low self-esteem allowing the girls to explore hopes, doubts, dreams, and fears. The Group gives the girls the opportunity to share their experiences, receive peer support, and promotes a sense of belonging,  

 The objectives of the group are :

1.) Strengthen  Self-Esteem  

2.) Improve Body Perception

3.) Increase  Confidence

4.) Promote Effective Communication

5.) Establish Healthier Boundaries

6.) End Negative Belief Patterns

7.) Stronger Connections

8.) Develop  effective coping skills

A complete session consist of 8 lessons structured by age. An ideal group consist of 5 - 10 girls.    Session will consist of educational material combined with interactive activities. Participants should plan to attend all sessions.  If you are interested in hosting a session of U Grow Girls Self Esteem Group Please complete the form below or contact us at 225-324-9294. 

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